Crispy Poached Salad (Serving 4 People)

Eggs have earned respect in France where they are served for lunch but also for dinner. It is not been much evolution in cuisine when it comes to serving eggs but chef Jacky had this idea of textured poached egg. 

Tools: -  two 1 1/2 qt sauce pan - skimmer - 1 8 inch sauté pan4 mixing bowls - whisk - napkin 

Ingredients:to convert  - 1 large head of frisée Salad - 10 large eggs - 6 oz. bread crumb or Japanese Panko - 1 qt corn oil - 4 oz. AP flour - 4 slices bacon sliced finely - 4 oz. wine vinegar - salt and ground black pepper  Dressing - 2 oz red wine vinegar - salt and black pepper - Balsamic vinegar reduction (obtained by cooking Balsamic with sugar until syrup consistency)- 2 0z. chopped parsley

Steps: 1)Boil 1 quart of water with 4 oz of vinegar. When the water is boiling furiously, break in 8 eggs and simmer for 2 minutes 2)Remove the eggs precautiously with the skimmer and refresh them into iced water. After a few minutes, take them by hands and delicately onto a napkin 3)Beat the last 2 eggs into a bow and add salt and pepper. Flour in another bowl and Panko into the 3rd bowl..First put the eggs into the flour, shake the excess then into the beaten eggs and last into the Panko 4)Bring the oil to around 300o temperature and fry the eggs (two at a time) for 5 seconds (using the skimmer or a basket to remove the eggs) 5)SIn the saute pan, fry the bacon until crisp and over low heat. drain the bacon and keep the melted fat. 6)Use the center and yellow part of the frisee, salt and pepper and toast it (4th mixing bowl) with the bacon, vinegar and the hot bacon fat 6)Assemble by laying down the frisee in the bottom of the plate, eggs on the top, a cordon of Balsamic reduction around and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation:  Firestone Sauvignon Blanc 1999     www.firestonevineyard.com/99sb.html 







          -Balsamic vinegar                                      as needed

          -Extra virgin olive oil                          as needed

          -Water                                       2C

          -Red wine vinegar                              1C

          -Egg large to poach                    2 each

          -Egg for coating                                1 eachy

          -Flour                                                 1C

          -Japanese Panko breadcrumb           1C

          -Clarified butter                               4oz

          -Chopped Bacon                                       ½ C

          -Salt, black pepper                                      to taste

          -Chopped parsley                                      2oz

Boil the water with the vinegar in a shallow pot. Crack the eggs into water and poach for 1 minute. Lift eggs out and drain on thick paper towels. Beat one uncooked egg with a fork.. Carefully roll the poach eggs in flour first, then in the beaten egg and finally in the Panko. Heat butter in a frying pan and fry eggs on both sides until golden brown. (use vegetable oil in a deep fryer if you have one.). Reserve the eggs on parchment paper to remove the excess butter. Dress frisée with olive oil, Balsamic, salt and pepper. Add the chopped bacon and serve the crispy eggs over.




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