Iceberg Lettuce Purse Filled with Spicy Chicken ( Serving 4)  

This idea came from my love for Korean cuisine. I am using Iceberg lettuce instead of Chinese cabbage to make Kimchee. Emerald would say of this dish: "it's kicking up a notch!"

Tools: -  one 7" office knife- one 10" chef  knife -

Ingredients:to convert - 4 chicken wings and drumstick -1 iceberg lettuce -1 bunch chives -3 heads of chopped green onions -1 oz. Cayenne pepper - 2 oz. finely chopped garlic - 2 oz. hot sauce (Tobasco) - Kosher salt - 1 oz. sugar

Steps: 1) Cut the Iceberg lettuce stem to get all leafs loose and sprinkle Kosher salt over the opening to wilt the lettuce 2) After 3 hours, wash the lettuce. Dry up the leafs 3) Marinade over night the leafs with the cayenne, the green onions and the garlic  4) Marinade the chicken wings with the hot sauce, sugar and roast them in a 400o oven for 30 minutes 5) Remove meat from the chicken wings and discard the bones 6) Blanch the chives in boiling water for one minute 7) Put a small amount of chicken meat in the middle of a leaf and roll it. Hold the leaf together right above the meat and tight the chive around like if you were strangling the meat 8) To warm up, put purses on a baking pan in an oven or in a steamer.


Fernando Chavez Wine recommendation : Louis Latour Pinot Noir Valmoissine

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