Butterfly Laughing Cow Shrimp ( Serving 8)  

Lydia Shire at Locke-Ober in Boston loved to prepare her signature dish: The Rockablue Shrimp. This is a French version of of that great amuse-bouche.

Tools: -  one 7" office knife- an electric deep fryer or an 8" sauce pan -3 x 8" bowls for the flour, eggs and bread crumb

Ingredients:to convert - 8 shelled and cooked jumbo shrimps -1 lbs. bread crumb (Panko if possible) -2 whole beaten eggs -1 box of 8 wedges Laughing Cow cheese -1 cup of all purpose flour -1 gallon corn oil

Steps: 1) Butterfly the back of each shrimp 1/4" deep, from head to tail. Take one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese per shrimp and insert it in the cavity. Smooth up the cheese outside. 2) Sprinkle flour over each shrimp 3) Dip shrimps in the mixed eggs 4) Coat the shrimps in Panko, repeating the process twice if a thicker crust is wanted 5) Deep-fry the shrimps in a 300o oil for 3 minutes 6) Serve hot with fried parsley.


Wine recommendation: Trimbach Pinot Gris

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