cohogbrullee.jpg (93887 bytes) cohogbrullee2.jpg (97589 bytes)Clams Brlle (Serving 6 People)

A fish company in Boston picked me up one morning to explore their facilities. The gain of the trip was these giant clams, bigger than any clams I had ever seen. I went home with samples. The cavity of the shells attracted me. What could I bake or serve in this? I choose the impossible: a Crme Brlle without sugar.

Tools: -  1 qt sauce pan with lid -a blow torch -a deep fryer or a small wok -1/2 sheet pan

Ingredients:to convert  -3 quahogs clams Mix: -1cup.heavy cream 4 egg yolks -1 tsp. grated ginger  Dumpling:-2 oz filet of salmon finely pureed -1tsp.chopped garlic -1oz.chopped parsley -1 pinch cayenne pepper -mesclun salad (optional) -2 cups of peanut oil -2 oz. bread crumb or Japanese Panko .2 lb. Coarse salt -2 oz. of sieved brown sugar. 

Steps: 1)Clean the clams in water and rock salt. depose them in a sauce pan and with 1/2 cup of water and cover with a lid. Cooks over low heat until the shells open up. 2)Remove the meat, trim tendons and wash the  intestines. Separate, clean and reserve the shells. 3)Mix cream eggs and ginger together and adjust seasoning to taste with  cayenne and the reduced juice of the clams. Put each half shell on a 1/2 sheet pan, using the coarse salt to stabilize. Fill each shell with the cream batter and bake in a 400 oven until the mix has settle (about 10 minutes). 4)Mix all the ingredients of the dumpling plus the clam meat coarsely chopped. Form 6 balls and coat them with the bread crumb. Deep-fry the balls in the oil for 10 minutes (not too hot or the crust will burn) and drain on paper towel. 5)Spread a very thin coat of brown sugar evenly on the top of of the clams and glaze rapidly with the blow torch. 6)Assemble Shell, balls and the optional salad all on the same plate according to the picture.

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation:  Firestone Sauvignon Blanc 1999     www.firestonevineyard.com/99sb.html 

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