Micro-Onde Foie Gras

(Serving 6 People)

In 1999, I  was promoting Wild Harvest stores and giving a cooking demonstration. A French gentleman, a former chef,  was watching. After the show, we came to talk about foie gras. I told him my frustration how American foie gras were loosing their fat when cooking. He said "have you try to micro wave it?". It seemed like a joke but I tried anyway.

Tools: -Micro-wave oven -Two mould 4in" high, 3" wide and 7 " long ( a "to go" plastic container works)

Ingredients:to convert  -2 x 1.5 lbs. foie gras ( www.hudsonvalleyfoiegras.com ) -1 T. Four Spices (Ground nutmeg, ginger, cloves, pepper) -1 T. white pepper -1 oz fine sea salt -1 oz Brandy

Steps: 1)Separate the two lobs of the foie gras and leave at room temperature until soft. 2)Mix salt with the four spices. 3)Make an incision in the inside of the foie gras length wise. Spread the meat and remove blood vessels and membranes, using the tip of a knife and the thumb as a pliers. Pour the brandy and sprinkle the seasoning over the foie gras and keep refrigerated for 36 hours.  3)Transfer the foie gras on the large ceramic plate and microwave for 1 1/2 minute.  4)Carefully assemble the terrine in the mould you have fond, using lager foie gras in the bottom, small pieces in the middle and toping with the larger pieces.  5) Place the foie gras  in the refrigerator with a mould of the same size filled with water to press  the terrine. Keep in the cooler over night. 6)Unmold by moving the mould sides or by cutting the mold with scissors.  7) Cut 1/4"slices with a narrow knife that has been dumped in hot water. Garnishes suggested: beet Jell-O, sweet dry beans, baked rhubarb,    

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation: Chateau suduiraut 


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