Onion Soup PRB (Serving 4 People)


Make Onion Soup seems to be an easy task but one must spend the right time to archive perfection. Cooking the onions until brown is the secret. It gives an unequaled sweetness and flavor to the soup. The other secret is the dry bread that will keep the cheese afloat while browning. The Swiss cheese gives the flavor and the Munster the gluey  consistency.  

Tools: -  1 gal sauce pan - kitchen knife - Onion Soup Bowl - Grill Salamander or oven with grill possibility

Ingredients:to convert - 2 cups dry white wine - 3 oz. all-purpose flour - 10 lbs peeled Spanish onions, sliced by 1/2 first and then 1/2 inch thick slices - Ground Black Pepper -Salt - Knnor bouillon cubes (optional) - 4 slices Imported Swiss cheese - 4 slices American Munster cheese - 8 very dry slices of baguette.

Steps: 1) Cook the sliced onions slowly, over very low heat until they have render all water and became brown and thick 2) Spread the flour over and mix well to avoid lumps 3) Add the wine and bring to a boil. 4) Add 2 quarts of beef stock (or water), bring to a boil and add salt and pepper to taste (the bouillon cube can be added at this point if you use water. However, just water makes it a delectable vegetarian onion soup 5) Fill the onion soup bowls , put 2 croutons floating over each soup and place Swiss cheese first then the Munster. Gratine the soup and serve hot.

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation: Robert Mondavi Coastal Chardonnay



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