Green and Red Vegetable Paté

( Serving 4)  

In 1980, Chef Jacky Robert was teaching this very same recipe at the California Culinary Academy. That same year, chef Jacky, then 24, along with MFK Fisher, Cyril Magnin and James Beard, became the speakers of the first graduation of this prestigious cooking school. 

Tools: -  1 le Creuset 1 1/2 qt cast Iron mould - 3 mixing bowls (stainless steel preferably) - 1 rubber spatula - 1 whisk - one qt sauce pan - China cap - Plastic wrap

Ingredients:to convert - 10 large tomatoes - 12 gelatin sheets (about 2 ounces of gelatin powder) - Herb bouquet - one onion - 2 ounces garlic - 1 head broccoli - 6 green asparagus - 8 ounces green beans - 1 cup heavy cream - olive oil - salt - Cayenne pepper - Basil

Steps: - 1) In a salted, boiling water, cook one after the other, broccoli, asparagus, string beans. Refresh them in ice water and dry them on a towel.-2 In a heavy saucepan, sweat the onion with 3 Tb of olive oil. Cut the tomatoes in quarters and add them to the onion along with the garlic. Cook for 20 min or until the juices have mostly evaporated (the remains should measure about 2 cups) and remove the bouquet garni.- 3) Blend and strain through a China cap and season with salt and cayenne.- 4) Soak the gelatin with cold water and mix it to the tomato while it is still hot. -5 Whip the cream to a soft peak. - 6) Cool off the tomato coulis over ice. When  the tomato starts making lumps, whip vigorously - 7) Add the whipped cream. - 8) Mix in the vegetables and put in a rectangular mold lined with a plastic film (pound the mold a couple of times to remove the air bubbles). A pattern can be given to the pate by assembling the vegies one layer at the time). - 9)Refrigerate for 4 hours, unmold, cut into thick slices. Serve with sliced onion, tomato concassé and basil oil..


Wine recommendation: A Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc seems appropriate for this appetizer. 

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