Black and White Woven Pasta

with a Grilled Blue Shrimp ( Serving 4)  

Cristian Millau, the French restaurant reviewer, and Harvey Steiman, then of the SF Examiner and now Food editor of the Wine Spectator, came to dine at Ernie's in June 1982. The woven pasta was served for the first time that night. After he hate, he described the dish as "the pasta by Ives St Laurent". The pasta technique was improved since. The biggest contributor was Bill, one of my cook, who interlaced 12 pasta at the same time instead of one for the original.

Tools: -  1 pasta machine -two  6'' bamboo sticks -aluminum foil -plastic wrap -8"" sauté pan -large spatula -

Ingredients:to convert Green or Black Pasta: - 11 oz. All purpose flour -1/2 oz. Squid ink (available in fish market) - 3 Egg yokes - Pinch  Salt

Egg Pasta:- 1 lb. All purpose flour -4/5 Eggs - 2 Egg yokes - Pinch 

Salt Grilled shrimp and carrot sauce:- 2 lb. 16/20 shrimps -1cup Fresh carrot juice (use an electric juicer and 3# of carrots) - 1 Chopped onion - 1 oz. Chopped garlic - 1 Chopped branch of celery - 2 oz. Chopped domestic mushrooms - 1 oz. Fresh chopped tarragon - Olive oil.  

Steps: The two color pasta must be rolled and cut fettuccini size and kept fresh. Use a bamboo stick to interlace. The interweaving must be done on aluminum foil to avoid drying up. After each step, cover with plastic wrap for the same reason. Cook each woven pasta separately in boiling water for 5 min. lift them cautiously with a spatula and refresh in ice water. The pasta will be warmed up in boiling water just before serving.

Remove the shells and deveine the prawns. In a saucepan, with some olive oil, sauté the shells until they turn red. Add the onion, garlic and celery and cook with the shells for 10 min. Add the carrot juice and cook for 15 min. Process in the blender and strain. Season with salt and cayenne pepper and add the tarragon. Grill the shrimps quickly and serve with the sauce over the pasta.  


Wine recommendation: The wine chosen will depend of the accompaniment of the woven pasta

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