Blackberry Caramel Sauce (Serving 4 People) 

Summer of 2002 at Locke-Ober. Lisa is replacing our pastry-Chef. The dessert menu is changing and we look for a sauce to go with the Chocolate Marquise. Lisa's recipe is a nice match for rich and smooth chocolate preparations.

Tools: -1 qt Sauce pan -Food mill or a blender -A Chinois or a fine Strainer -Whisk or a wooden spoon

Ingredients:to convert  -1 Cup Sugar -1 Pint Blackberry pureed and strained from seeds -1 lemon juice -1/2 orange juice

Steps: 1)Mix the sugar with on cup of water and cook until light brown 2)Add the blackberry juice, the lemon juice and the orange juice  3)Bring to a boil, strain and reserve in refrigeration 4)Serve with the chocolate  Marquise or as a sauce with ice cream

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation: (to be found)



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