Madame Pain's Chocolate Marquise

(Serving 6 People) 

Madame Pain, my first cooking teacher, was making the pastries at "Les Gourmet" in perfect secrecy. For years I was dreaming of knowing how to make the Chocolate Marquise. I had so many times stolen and eaten that great dessert of hers. When she had retire, I paid her many visit each time I was going back to Normandy. One day I asked her the recipe. She looked at me and said:" You are my one apprentice who has made his cuisine a great success. Here is the recipe".

Tools: -6 3 1/2 inch ring molds -2 x 1/2 hotel pans -1 Rubber spatula -1 Whisk -Kitchen Aid with bowl and whisk.

Ingredients:convert  -14 oz. dark semi-sweet chocolate -12 oz. unsalted butter -6 egg yolks -1/2 cup granulated sugar -1 cup milk

Steps: 1) Melt The chocolate with the butter.  2)Whip the egg yolks and sugar to ribbon stage and add the chocolate. 3) Bring milk to a boil and add to chocolate. 4) Line the ring mold with plastic wrap or foil and place them into a 1/2 hotel pan. Place that hotel into another hotel pan, across to give the molds an angle. 5) Pour the mix into the molds and refrigerate for 3 hours 6) Use a blow torch to decollate the marquises. 7) Serve with cinnamon pastry sticks, Blackberry Caramel and White Chocolate Mousse.

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation: (to be found)



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