Akio Furue's Chocolate Mousse (Serving 4 People) 

Being one of the most known chef in San Francisco, I was often asked if I knew chefs looking for jobs. The owner of Amelio's restaurant was looking for someone. I had just got the visit of Akio Furue who had just moved in town from New York's Four Seasons Restaurant. Akio showed me this simple and great recipe. Akio is no longer cooking. He has "cut the film" he said.

Tools: -Kitchen Aid with bowl and whisk -1 six pan -1 ice cream scoop

Ingredients:to convert  -1 lbs. white chocolate -3 whole eggs -1 cup heavy cream

Steps: 1) Melt the chocolate in the Kitchen Aid bowl over a steaming pan 2) Place the bowl on the mixer and whip the eggs in until the batter doubles 3) Add the cream and whip so fluffy and smooth (over whipping would get an unpleasant grain to the mousse) 5) Put the mousse in the insert for at least 2 hours  7) Scoop and serve with a raspberry or a red berry sauce or a Blackberry Caramel

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation: (to be found)



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