Beef Cheeks Bourguignon

(Serves 4 people)

Meats have 4 components that make stews delectable or awful. The muscle, the membranes, the grease and the tendons (silver skin). Grease and membranes have to be trimmed meticulously. Meat and tendons must be preserved. The tougher the meat, the best most flavorful your stew is going to be. Tendons are gelatin and therefore very smooth when cooked.

Tools: Bony knife - slow cooker pot or cast iron casserole with a lid -tongue or fork

Ingredients:-   3 lbs. trimmed beef cheeks (or beef chuck)- 2 oz. ap flour - 4 oz peanut oil. 2 carrots - 1 onion diced in 1 inch chunks  - 6 oz. domestic mushrooms - Salt and black pepper - Thyme - Bacon (optional) - 2 quarts red wine (burgundy preferably)

Steps: 1) Cut the meat in 2 inch pieces. 2) Seasoned the meat with salt and pepper and coat with flour.3) In the stew pot, over high heat and with 3 oz. of oil, carefully sear the meat on every side. 4)Remove the pieces of meat, discard the used oil. replace with 1 oz. of new oil. Add the carrots, onions, mushrooms and bacon and cook slowly for 5 minutes.  5) Add the seared meat, the wine and thyme and let cooked covered, in a 350o oven for 2hours and 30 minutes 6) Serve in bowls with rice of boiled potatoes.

Chemistry: Soon to be built.

Wine recommendation: Wines from the burgundy region http://www.burgundy-canal.com/wine/ 




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