Duck Confit with Braised Cabbage and Saucisson

(Serves 4 People)

In Gascony, Moulard ducks are the backbone of all gastronomic traditions. For local inhabitants, there is almost a religious reverence for the birds, with centuries of tradition ingrained in their souls. In fact, one day we will probably discover that Gascons have a region in their brains that preserves all duck lore and recipes. This would include memories of the Gauls who lived just above the Pyrenees who taught themselves how to domesticate these migratory waterfowl.The Gascon love of duck is centuries old. Before the early Romans set their sights on Gaul, they invaded Egypt. When they returned, they brought back from the rich land of the Nile a very interesting way to care for their web-footed animals: they were separated into pens and force-fed twice or three-times aa day with little balls of cereal or a mixture of dried figs. (more on Dartagnan link)

Tools: Sauce pan - Rondeau - Saute pan - slicer knife - Wooden spoon

Ingredients:to convert - 4 Moulard duck legs - 2 lbs. duck fat - 2 oz chopped garlic - 1 green cabbage, core out and then sliced in a thick julienne - 4 oz finely sliced bacon - 1/2 Spanish onion chopped finely- 4 oz carrots bunoice - 1 lbs garlic sausage - 1/2 cup Chablis - 1/2 cup demis-glace - salt and pepper

Steps: 1) Abundantly seasoned the legs with salt and pepper and massage them with the chopped garlic (optional thyme and laurel to be used) . Let them rest in the refrigerator over night. 2) Using a sauce pan slightly bigger than the legs, slowly, simmer the legs in the duck fat for 2-3 hours until tender. The legs cannot get brown in the process therefore requiring a very low flame 3) In the rondeau, sauté the bacon until it renders all it's fat. Add the carrot and onions and cook for a couple of minutes. Add the cabbage and sweat for 10 minutes. Add the Chablis and demi- glace and cook for another 15 minutes. Seasonned to taste with salt and pepper 4) In the sauté pan, using some of the duck fat, crisp the legs on the skin side and add them to the cabbage 5) Grill 4 thick slices of garlic sausage and add them to the cabbage 6) Boiled or roasted potatoes can be served to accompany this delicious dish

  Chemistry: To be developped..

Wine recommendation: Cotes du Rhone 


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