Old Fashion Veal Blanquette

(Serves 4 people)

This is a veal stew and not a sheet of heavy fabric you cover yourself with, at night. It mean white veal stew. It is served with rice pilaf. Curry powder could be added to this stew as an alternative

Tools: Bony knife - slow cooker pot or cast iron casserole with a lid -tongue or fork

Ingredients:-   3 lbs. trimmed beef top round (or beef cheeks)- 2 oz. ap flour - 4 oz peanut oil. 2 carrots - 1 onion diced in 1 inch chunks (or fresh pearl onions)  - 6 oz. domestic mushrooms - Salt and black pepper - Thyme - 2 quarts white wine (burgundy preferably) - 1 cup cream - salt and ground white pepper.

Steps: 1) Cut the meat in 2 inch pieces. 2) Seasoned the meat with salt and pepper and coat with flour.3) In the stew pot, over high heat and with 3 oz. of oil, carefully sear the meat on every side. (If you want your blanquette very white, skip that step) 4)Remove the pieces of meat, discard the used oil. replace with 1 oz. of new oil. Add the carrots, onions, mushrooms and cook slowly for 5 minutes.  5) Add the seared meat, the wine and thyme and let cooked covered, in a 350o oven for 1hours 6) Remove the meat and vegetables add the cream and reduce the sauce until thick. Putt back the meat with the sauce and serve in bowls with rice

Chemistry: Soon to be built.

Wine recommendation: Wines from the burgundy region like...Meursault http://www.burgundy-canal.com/wine/ 

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