Brains "au Beurre Noire"

(Serving 4 persons)    

We kids were very excited Mom was serving brains for dinner. The sweet and delicate texture of the brains, sautéed crisp were totally looked after our young palates.

Tools: - 10 inch. sauté pan - paring knife -

Ingredients:to convert - 2 lbs. Fresh Calf's or Lamb Brains (they are more delicate)  - 1 Lemon juice - 1 lbs. All purpose flour -12 oz. Butter - 2 oz. Red wine vinegar - 4 oz. Capers - 2 oz. Chopped parsley - 1 Onion, 1 carrot - Salt, Pepper, herbs  

Steps: 1)Clean the brains of all membranes with the tip of a paring knife and let them soak in cold water overnight. 2) Poach the brains for 10 min in a court-bouillon prepared with a lemon squeeze, one carrot, one onion, herbs and salt. 3)  Dry up the brain on paper towels and split them by half. 4) Heat up a sauté pan with 4 oz. of clarified butter. 5)Season with salt and pepper and roll them up in the flour. Remove the excess flour and place brains into the pan. 6)Let the brains get very brown and crunchy on both sides and place them on plates. 7) Discard the used butter and replace it by new butter. 8) Let the butter get a dark brown color and add the vinegar (be careful, the butter foams, double in volume and sometime explode). Add the capers and the parsley and pour over the brains.  9) Brains can also be served tempura (1cup corn starch, 1 cup flour, 1 beer, 1 tsp. baking soda) with a soy and vinegar sauce or breaded with panko breadcrumb or cornmeal.

 Chemistry: Soon to be built.

Wine recommendation: Muscadet sur Lie Domaine Metaireau "Grand Mouton" 1998  http://www.wineworks.ie/loire_valley.htm


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