Calf's Liver A L'Anglaise

(Serves 4 people)  

Calf's liver is America's favorite Offal, perhaps because of it's steak appearance and it's meaty texture. It is the innards that doesn't look like an organ once it is sliced. The outside membrane of the liver must be removed and major nerves and blood vessels cut out before to slice it thin.

Tools: 10 or 12 in. Sauté pan

Ingredients:to convert - 8 x 3 oz. thin slices of liver - 6oz. butter - 4 oz. flour - 2 oz. corn oil - salt and black pepper -one large onion peeled and sliced - 4 slices of bacon - 2 oz. chopped parsley - 1/2 lemon

Steps: 1) Sautee the sliced onion with the oil until brown and reserve in a ramequin 2) Grill or sauté the slices of bacon until crisp  3) Melt 4 oz. of butter until light brown and lay in the preseasoned and floured liver slices. Cook at high temperature 2 minutes on each side 4) Put the slices of liver on plates on serve covered with the onion and the bacon. 5)  Use the last two ounces of butter, lemon quiz and chopped parsley to make the sauce 6) Liver is best cooked medium- rare. Cream or boiled potatoes are the right garnish with liver. 

Chemistry: Soon to be built.

Wine recommendation:  Duckhorn Merlot 1999 http://www.duckhornvineyards.com/current/howellmt_merlot99.php 


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