Lamb and Duck Tongues

on a Bok Choi Salad

(Serving 4 Persons)

Lamb Tongues are very delicate and delicious. For your first try, this is the tongue you must experience. Duck tongues are tiny. They can be found in China town's meat section.

Tools: - 3 x 10 inch sauce pan -Knifes

Ingredients:to convert -8 Lamb - 16 duck tongues - 8 Baby bok choy -2oz. Butter -- Salt, black pepper, olive oil - 3 oz.  Egg/tarragon sauce (to be made ahead of time by the helper)  

Steps: 1)Cook the lamb tongues in a saucepan with water for 1 hour. Peel them right away (they peel better warm). Keep the tongues in the poaching liquid until used. 2) Duck tongues need to cook 35 minutes in a more aromatic broth with star anise. When cooked remove the cartilage and keep in their stock.3) Cook the bok choy with the butter, 2 oz. of water and a pinch of salt, for 2 min in a saucepan, covered with a lid,  4) Split the lamb tongues by half length wise, brush them with oil and broil them quickly 5)Assemble Bok choy, Lamb tongues and duck tongues on plates. Pour the sauce over and serve warm

 Chemistry: Soon to be built.

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