Veal Kidney Mustard

(Serves 4 people)  

Jack Palance was eating the kidney,  next to Jacky Robert's table, at the Hemersley Palace in New York city in 1980. Ernie's, where Jacky was then working had been invited by Playboy magazine for the award of the 20 best restaurants in America. Many movie stars were in the Big Apple for that occasion.

Kidneys are usually covered with fat (called suet). In America, they are put on the market fat free. It is a shame because kidneys cooked in their own fat are delicious.

Tools: 1 thick 12 inch saute pan -Knifes- tongs 

Ingredients:to convert - 4 veal kidneys - 1/2 cup corn oil - 3 oz. butter - 1/2 sliced onion - 4 oz. Shiitake mushrooms - 2 oz. brandy - 1 T. Dijon mustard - 2 oz. heavy cream - 1 oz. veal demi-glaze- Salt and fresh ground black pepper

Steps: 1)Clean the kidneys free of fat or membranes and cut them in two inches pieces or cut open wide and spread with bamboo skewers. Seasonne with salt and pepper 2) r pan hot on a very  vive burner 3) Put the kidneys all at once in the pan but don't turn them over until brown. Cook to a perfect medium 4) Remove and reserve the kidneys and replace burned oil by butter 5)Add and sauté the sliced onions and the Shiitake mushrooms 6)Put the kidneys back in the pan and flame with the brandy 7) Finish the sauce with the mustard, the cream, salt and pepper 8) Serve with rice pilaf

Chemistry: Soon to be built.

Wine recommendation: Saint-Veran Michel Picard 1997 http://www.burgundywines.co.uk/winedetails.asp?wine=93&Region=5 


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