Turned Potato

Turned of different sizes, they carry a different name. Pommes Chateau if they are Large, boiled, and coated with butter and chopped parsley.  Potato a l'Anglaise if they are simply boiled and Pommes Cocottes if they are bite size and fried. The same technique applies for any other kind ob tourneed vegetable (carrot, turnip, zucchini etc...)

1) Use a Red Bliss potato of medium size 2)Choose two perfect spots on opposite poles of the potato and place your index finger and thumb to hold the potato. 3)With a parry knife in the other hand's three major fingers, use the thumb to cut the potato length wise and from one pole to the other, in a curb motion 4)the potato must be turned in 6 or 7 cuts 5)Place the potato done in water until it is time to cook it 6)These potatoes can be boiled, steamed of deep-fried.



fusionchef 2003