Rutabaga Ball in a Cage


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Steps 1 to 3


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Steps 5 to 6


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Finished ball


1)Use a very big rutabaga (at least 1 lb.) or a Yukon gold potato size 40 or bigger 2)Cut a perfect square removing little as possible. 3)With a parry knife, cut deep a square at 1/4 inch from the sides on everyone of them, careful of not cutting pass the corners. 4)Remove the flesh in the center in bias and in trying to give a round shape underneath. 5)Cut the ball underneath the frame by removing meat with the parry knife. 6)The finished ball should be very round and should not be able to come out of the frame.

Keep the ball/cage in Saran wrap (or in water) refrigerated until used. This ball in cage can be used as a table center piece or on a hors d'oeuvre tray for display.



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