Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock is one of the prime stock of French Cuisine. It is used for Sauces as well as Soups. On my trip to Hong Kong, I was impressed by the simplicity and flavor of the Chicken Stock in Chinese Cuisine. By not adding any vegetables and herbs to their stocks, Chinese chefs get the most authentic stock of all.

  Time of Execution: 2 hours 

Tools: one 5 gallons stock pot -cutting board -10" slicer knife -potato peeler

Ingredients:to convert - 5 lbs chicken bones or one all 3 chicken -2 carrots peeled and cut thick -1 celery branch and 1 onions also sliced thick -Bouquet Garni

Steps: 1) Put all ingredients together in a stock pot. Cover with water and bring to a boil. 2) Skim the to of the pot with a ladle (removing foam and dirt floating on the top of the stock). Keep simmering for 2 hours or until bones and flesh start falling apart. Cooking the more would make a cloudy stock (Chinese boil the chicken once, then empty the water and start again with new water). 3) Strain the stock throughout a fine strainer or a fine cloth,  from the top with a ladle

  Chemistry: (To be developed)


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