Egg Tarragon Sauce

(Serving 4 persons)    

This sauce is traditionally served with boiled veal head ( TÍte de Veau). It can also work with boiled or broiled meat as well as grilled or boiled fish.

Tools: -Whisk -Mixing bowl -Knifes

Ingredients:to convert - 3 egg yolks - 1 hard boil egg chopped coarsely - 1 T. Dijon mustard - 3/4 cup corn oil - 1/4 sesame oil - 2 tsp. vinegar -2 oz. cornichons (French pickles) -1 oz. chopped fresh parsley and tarragon - Salt and black pepper.

Steps: 1)Put the hard eggs, egg yolks, mustard, cornichon, sesame oil, vinegar, chopped herbs in the mixing bowl 2) Mix thoroughly and add the the oil slowly 4) Add seasonings to taste

 Chemistry: Emulsion of oil into a mass of ingredient. Mixing has to be done rapidly  to break oil into small particles.

Wine recommendation: None 1998



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