Petite Ratatouille Napoleon

(Serving 4 People) 

Ratatouille is the most common Provençale vegetable preparation. When made properly it is a royal treat. It can be filling crepes or served with crispy Phillo sheets or as a garnish for fish or meat alike.

Tools: -6 

Ingredients:convert  - 1 small zucchini,  brunoise 1/4" thick - 1 small eggplant, peeled (optional), cut 1/4" thick and purged with salt - 1 green bell pepper,  seeded and cut 1/4" thick - 1 oz. garlic,  chopped finely - 1 oz. onion, chopped finely - 2 tomato,  peeled,  seeded and chopped finely - salt and cayenne pepper to taster -  Pomace olive oil - Bouquet Garni

Steps: 1)  Saute the onions and bell pepper in hot olive oil for 5 min 2) Add the chopped tomato and the garlic and simmer for 15 minutes 3) Season with salt and Cayenne pepper 4) Wash the eggplants quickly with running water and drain over paper towels. Sear with hot oil and add to the tomato onion base and cook 10 minutes 5) Now, it is time to sauté the zucchinis very fast and in hot oil also add to the ongoing vegetables tomato base 6) Finish cooking for another 10 minutes 7) Remove the Bouquet Garni and serve hot between layers of baked Phillo/ Parmesan sheets 8) Finely julienne basil can be spread over all.

Chemistry: (to be developed)

Wine recommendation: (to be found)


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