Books and Magazines

Elizabeth Riely The Chef's Companion ***

Published by Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated

Positives: Even the most international chef sometimes needs help with today's wildly diverse cooking terminology. When a culinary term is needed just fingertips away, the integrity of Beth Riely is right here to inform you in her well organized book. The explanations are accurate and show the French background of Miss Riely.

Negatives: I use this book a lot and it looks worn out.

The Wine Spectator ***

 Published by Marvin M.Shanken www.winespectator.com 

Positives: Highest Quality magazine about wines published by a master: Marvin Shanken 

Negatives: Mister Shanken could make other publisher jealous.

Food Arts Magazine***

 Published by Ariane and Michael Batterberry

Positives: Quality magazine at the restaurant and hotel forefront. This is the best publication for food news and information.

Negatives: I wish they had a web site. 

Chinese Cooking for Dummies®  ***

Martin Yan www.yancancook.com 

Positives: This book makes Chinese Cuisine accessible and interesting to everyone. It is written with humor by an expert of Chinese Cuisine.

Negatives: Only the next best thing to a live show by Martin.

Anthony Bourdin's Kitchen Confidential *1/2

Published by Bloombury

Positive: Exposes the real life of cooks and the way we really talk

Negatives: Cooks drink a lot and have a good time after work, a lot of them smoke pot but only a few do hard drugs. After reading this book, it seems glorious to overdo drugs and it can make it acceptable to young cooks to take them. Anthony was able to be a success no matter what. Don't be a fooled, if you do drugs, your chances to make it are slim.

Charlie Trotter's Vegetables ***

Published by Ten Speed Press 1996 www.tenspeed.com 

Positives: Each recipe has a picture. A all array of vegetables is used with simplicity. You could become a vegetarian just by watching.

Negatives: Expensive

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