Dry Egg Tagliolini Pasta***

 Made by Spinosi, Italy


Positive: How can pasta taste any better? It takes seconds to cook and doesn't need anything but butter. Perfection is possible. 

Negatives: Fragile, must be kept in the package until boiling.

Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough Ice Cream***

 Made by Ben and Jerry, Vermont USA


Positive: Who would have think of mixing raw chocolate cookie dough to a very rich and perfectly sweet Vanilla ice cream? 

Negatives: Expensive

Hudson Valley "A" Foie Gras ***


Positive: Most Foie Gras have tendency to melt when sautéed; not Hudson's. It is a very consistent duck Foie Gras, pink and firm. It gets a beautiful brown crust when sautéed. Grade B is as good as A and cheaper.

Negatives: Would they consider make Goose Foie Gras

Maldon Table Sea Salt***


Positive: The very best table salt in my opinion, English sea salt from Maldon, in Essex. It looks like snow flakes. It is an absolutely pure salt that tastes the sea.

 Negatives: None

Minus 8 Aged Vinegar***


Positive: Great intense Vinegar to be used pure and in drops for an exploding effect on your taste buds.

 Negatives: Expensive


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