Kitchen Equipment

Dinamic Supermixer SMX600E **1/2


Positive: This is a giant blender for large steam kettle or 20 gallon stock pot. It purees everything and you practically don't have to use a stainer. A must to make dressing in large quantity.

Negatives: A little bit heavy. The blade is fragile and breaks by mishandling after usage. I recommend to store the mixer upside down in the corner of a room and always at the same place. 

Robot Coupe R6N ***


Positive: A very strong and reliable machine. Rarely breaks. The stainless steal bowl cannot be bumped. Very easy to clean.

Negatives: For commercial use only. The switch is the weakest part. Parts are expensive.

Kitchen Aid Mixer KT26551***


Positive: Restaurant equipment to serve house cooks. Different models all very good but the KT26551 series is more robust. Easy to clean. very reliable.

Negatives: Around $500.00

Imperia 220 ***


Positive:  This machine make very even pasta time after time. This is the Rolls-Roy of hand pasta machines.

Negatives: Water would ruin the machine. It is priced high.

Waring PJE 6001C Juicer ***


Positive:  It is an heavy duty juice extractor that swallows carrots after carrots, parsley and onions without giving up and in no time. I use it without filter because I love the fibers.

Negatives: The Waring JE200 is not the house choice if you have a problem with cleaning and noise.

Vita-Prep Commercial Blender w/48oz container ***


Positive:  If you want to crust lobster heads and heavy soups or make liver pate...This is the machine you need.

Negatives: If you are a heavy user, the blade gets loose. It is easy to replace with the kit they sell but it is not cheap. 


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