Bill Marvin ***

Restaurant consultant http://www.restaurantdoctor.com 

Positive: I read about Bill in different restaurant magazines. I admired his wisdom and agreed with his methods of management. He soon became my mentor. He gives his follower an unfair advantage.

Negatives:. Bill is too right when he says "Great coaches ask insightful, probing questions that cause their players to think. It is hard to get yourself in trouble if you are either asking or answering questions. It is only when you are making statements (preaching or lecturing) that you tread on dangerous ground."

Martin Yan***

Host of the Yan Can Cook show on PBS www.yancancook.com 

Positive: Martin Yan gives the best cooking show USA. He is a very fanny and has great cutting skills. His live shows are a must see. Martin is a generous man who gets out of his busy schedule to visit a stranger at the emergency room.  

Negatives: Too bad cloning is not allowed for someone like him.

René Verdon***

Former White House chef under President Kennedy

Positive: My mentor and friend. Someone of great integrity who has given motivation and support to many young chefs.

Negatives: None.

Wolfgang Puck ***


Positive: A great chef who deserves every bit of his fame. He could tomorrow open a restaurant in France and make it a 3 star Michelin.

Negatives: His ex-wife Barbara claims having made Wolfgang Puck?

Lydia Shire ***


Positive: Lydia is the most uncompromising chef I know when it comes to food. She is possessed by food. She is one of the best cook I know.  I feel lucky and privileged to be her acquaintance. 

Negatives: She never rests.

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