Orgasmic Foods

Soba Noodles at Ginza ***

 (1002 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA)

TEL:(617) 566 9688

Positive: Very silky Soba Noodles of perfect texture in a broth of extraordinary flavors. Usually served with Asian vegetables and shrimp tempura. Priced around $16.00

Negatives: The fried shrimp that go with it get soggy if not eaten first.


Hans Hibachi ***

 (Polk Street near Union Street, San Francisco, CA)

Positives: The Beef  and Chicken BBQ have been the favorite of Football great Jerry Rice. Owned by Korean people, this little place produces one of the tastier fast foods in this Fog City by the Bay.

Negatives: Are they using MSG to taste this good?

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